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Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips

Kama Xcitra Download REPACK

A free to download app, intriguingly named "Kama Xcitra" is using augmented reality to demonstrate what those Kama sutra positions look like from every (ahem) angle. However the app is only available to people who buy a new version of the text.

Kama Xcitra download

The videos and mosaic were composed from 56 individual scenes acquired by the Operational Land Imager on LDCM. Each scene is available for download below, listed from north to south in the order in which it was taken. The first scene comes from north-central Russia; the last is from South Africa.

For centuries Kama Sutra has come to the aid of lovers, helping them spice up their love lives. With the transition from books to e-books and hand-held devices, the Kama Sutra app sure gained much popularity and tons of downloads.


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