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Buy Padlock WORK is the online padlock and security hardware superstore from Philadelphia Security Products. We are an industrial distributor and wholesale supplier representing the product lines of leading security hardware manufacturers including Master Lock, American Lock, and Abus Lock. Whether you need to order a single padlock or you need to order padlocks in bulk, look no further than

buy padlock

Consumers and individuals can buy padlocks in any quantity they like. Unlike most padlock suppliers, we do not require a minimum order quantity. Choose all-weather padlocks for sheds and gates, combination padlocks for easy keyless entry, or locker padlocks for your gym locker. We stock the most popular padlocks in our warehouse for immediate delivery. Do you need help choosing locks for your application? No problem. Our knowledgeable customer service team is just a phone call away and is eager to help you with all of your padlock questions. Buying padlocks online does not get any easier than

Business owners and managers choose to buy padlocks online at for our large selection of commercial grade padlocks at the most competitive prices. You can order padlocks that are all keyed alike, customize your padlocks with laser engraving, and add padlock accessories such as shackle chains and weather covers. If you already own padlocks and would like to match your existing key code, no problem. Buying padlocks online at could not be easier. Our shopping cart allows you to easily select your keying option and enter your existing key code. Are you looking for locks for sale? Are you looking to purchase padlocks in bulk? Go to

Safety managers and industrial buyers choose for our extensive collection of safety lockout padlocks and safety devices. All of our safety lockout padlocks meet OSHA requirements for proper hazard lockout protection. Our collection of safety lockout padlocks features the popular A1100 series from American Lock, the light weight plastic body 400 series and the new S1100 series from Master Lock with over 40,000 key codes. Buyers who want low prices and speedy, knowledgeable service choose to buy padlocks online at

School administrators and coaches choose for our large selection of combination locker padlocks. Students want to protect their belongings, but administrators need to have quick access to all lockers. That is why they choose key control locker padlocks such as the Master Lock model 1525. These durable and affordable combination locks can be ordered to match an existing system already in use. The new padlocks will open with the same control keys as the original padlocks and there will be no duplication of combinations. We accept school purchase orders and all major credit cards and PayPal.

Padlock resellers choose when they need to buy padlocks online. Wholesale prices, large selection, and prompt service is what we offer. Our selection of both commercial grade and retail carded products are perfect for all retail situations. Do you need wholesale padlocks to offer to club members? Do you need padlocks as an accessory to a product you manufacture? Are your current suppliers not providing the service you need? Go to and order your padlocks today.

We offer the complete line of hardware for all major brands. Master Lock offers the most extensive product line with thousands of padlock models. The most popular Master padlocks for sale can be found at If you cannot find the model you need, simply fill out our request for quotation form and submit it to us. We will email a quotation within a few hours. You can buy Abus padlocks, file cabinet locking bars, and security chain with just a click of the mouse. We have the largest selection of American padlocks online. They specialize in safety lockout padlocks and commercial grade padlocks. Purchase Sesamee padlocks if you need high quality resettable combination padlocks. Buy our very popular Fortress padlocks and Economy padlocks for low cost security solutions.

We offer padlocks for sale at the lowest prices. We process all orders the same day that they are received. Orders fulfilled from our warehouse stock typically ship in one day. Orders that need to be shipped directly from the manufacturer are processed with the manufacturer the same day and usually ship within ten business days. Call us today at 1-610-521-4400 or use our online form to request a quotation.

Low cost doesn't mean low quality or cheap. Sometimes there is a need for a low-medium security padlock which doesn't cost a fortune. We spent a long time testing and sourcing a range of locks which we feel have a high quality to price ratio. We've split them into a budget and premium range:

It depends which model. Many low cost locks which operate fine, might not be non-corrosive, chrome or stainless steel. All those things cost money and so this budget range won't have those more advanced features. We'd recommend choosing a weatherproof padlock if you intended to use it outdoors for long periods. However, The ABUS Silver Rock are a premium low cost lock and should be fine outside provided they're not subjected to salt water.

All padlocks which use keys have a certain number of key variations (differs) before they begin to repeat. Normally this is not a big issue but when bought in bulk and used in one location, for example a school or gym, then a high number of key variations (differs) are needed! So to answer the question, some low cost keyed padlocks do not have differs that are are high enough for use in schools and gyms. If you want to use a lot of padlocks in one place, like with lockers, then we'd recommend using a premium brand such as ABUS.

These are the lowest cost padlocks we have but still meet a certain minimum standard. We wouldn't recomend you use them outdoors for prolonged periods nor in situations where valuable items are being stored. They are however very good value for the money.

I recently purchased the larger hose reel and padlock.I have been searching for a solution for garden hose reels for some time and hose link kept coming up along with many others. After much research and reviews I finally chose the hose link reel. So far I am very happy with my purchase. Easy to operate and the auto reel up works great. My wife loves it. She had a hard time rolling up the hose on our wall mount manual hose reels. Now the hose link reel does all that for her. Wife is happy so I am happy! Oh, the pad lock works great in securing the reel to the mount as well.

I was going to install the Hoselink in front yard . But because the padlock is small and I thought someone could easily break the lock. I had to install the Hoselink in the backyard. I love Hoselink. I have been watching Laura from Garden Answer. To me it's a great investment. I recommend built-in combination lock can maybe be configured on housing or bracket. They cost about $30. Thank you for your time.

While it might not stop a determined criminal dead in their tracks, an outdoor padlock, when used with a heavy chain to secure a bicycle or grill in your backyard or to lock down the latch on a garden shed, can be an effective, affordable way to provide additional security to your home or valuables. In some instances, the sight of a sturdy padlock can be enough to make a crook look elsewhere for easier pickings.

After investing in a significant amount of time in research and testing 10 different padlocks for durability and ease of use on a variety of different gauges of steel chain, we've determined that the top outdoor padlock you can buy right now is the Abus Titalium Aluminum Alloy (available at Amazon) .

Our Best Overall, the Abus Titalium Aluminum Alloy padlock, aced our tests and is a good choice for most people. I had no trouble opening the Abus and it fit over every chain I tested it on. Made of an alloy steel shackle with nano protect coating, this lock survived all our destructive tests and still opened just as easily as the first time I tried to open it.

I found 9 of the most popular padlocks and pitted them against each other to determine the best of the best. For the combination padlocks, each lock was set with a combination and opened several times to determine how easy each padlock was to unlock and lock. We also tried opening the locks while they were locked by pulling on them. Next, these tests were applied to a bike lock and a chain to see how they fared in action.

Finally, they were placed in a freezer for 24 hours and I then attempted to open each one, to simulate how they would fare in cold weather. Taking bolt cutters to them was just about the only test we didn't put these padlocks through.

When you're shopping for a reliable padlock, look for locks made from weather-resistant materials such as brass, laminated steel, or aluminum. You might not plan on using your lock outside, but it's is nice to have the option to do so, down the road. You may also want to consider investing in a lock with a shrouded shackle: a covered shackle makes it more difficult and, in some cases, impossible for a crook to use bolter cutters to circumvent a padlock's security. 041b061a72


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