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Fugees - No Woman No Cry

Although Bob Marley is widely believed to have written the song (the lyrics are highly personalised and mention Georgie making cornmeal porridge, Marley's favourite dish),[4][5] or at least the melody,[6] a songwriter credit was given to Vincent Ford, a friend of Marley's who ran a soup kitchen in Trenchtown, the ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica, where Marley grew up (he specifically mentions the Government Yards of Trench Town, a public housing project). The royalty payments received by Ford ensured his efforts would continue.[7]The original studio version of the song used a drum machine. Jean Roussel provided the arrangement and Hammond organ parts for this recording.[citation needed]The title and main refrain, "No Woman, No Cry", means "Woman, don't cry".[8] The lyric is sometimes misunderstood outside Jamaica to mean "if there is no woman, there is no reason to cry".[9] The lyric is rendered "No, woman, nuh cry" in Jamaican patois. The "nuh" is pronounced with a short schwa vowel (a "mumbled" vowel, often represented as "uh" in spelling) and represents a clitic ("weakened") form of "no".

Fugees - No Woman No Cry



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