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How to Generate a Free License Key for Devart Entity Developer with a Keygen

Devart Entity Developer Keygen Download: How to Get a Free License for a Powerful ORM Designer

If you are looking for a tool that can help you design models for various .NET ORM frameworks, such as Entity Framework, NHibernate, LINQ to SQL, and more, you might have heard of Devart Entity Developer. This is a powerful ORM designer that offers many features and advantages for developing database applications. However, this tool is not free, and you might not want to pay for a license. In that case, you might be interested in finding a way to get a free license by using a keygen. In this article, we will explain what Devart Entity Developer is, what a keygen is, how to download and install one, and how to use it to generate a free license for Devart Entity Developer.

Devart Entity Developer Keygen Download

What is Devart Entity Developer?

A brief introduction to the tool and its features

Devart Entity Developer is an ORM designer for .NET ORM frameworks, such as ADO.NET Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, NHibernate, LinqConnect, Telerik Data Access, and LINQ to SQL. It allows you to design your data access layer visually, by using drag-and-drop, and then generate code automatically. You can also reverse engineer your existing database into a model, or synchronize your model with the database. Devart Entity Developer supports both model-first and database-first approaches, and provides many settings and options for customizing your model and code generation.

Some of the features of Devart Entity Developer are:

  • Seamless Visual Studio integration

  • Visual creation for nearly all kinds of mapping

  • Applying model changes to database or vice versa

  • Powerful model refactoring

  • Optimized work with large models

  • Design-time LINQ/ESQL/HQL query execution

  • Viewing and editing of data in source tables

  • Background model validation

  • T4 template-based C# or VB code generation

  • Lots of predefined templates

  • File per class, partial class generation

The benefits of using Devart Entity Developer for .NET ORM frameworks

By using Devart Entity Developer, you can enjoy many benefits for developing database applications with .NET ORM frameworks. Some of these benefits are:

  • You can develop faster by designing your data access layer visually and generating code automatically.

  • You can eliminate mistakes by automating data access layer generation and using proven code generation templates.

  • You can use one tool for multiple ORM frameworks and switch between them easily.

  • You can get more features and options than the default ORM designers in Visual Studio.

  • You can get professional support from Devart, a company that has been developing solutions for .NET data access layer for over 20 years.

What is a keygen and why do you need it?

The definition and purpose of a keygen

A keygen, short for key generator, is a software program that can generate serial numbers or license keys for other software programs. The purpose of a keygen is to bypass the software activation or registration process, which usually requires a valid license key that is purchased from the software vendor. By using a keygen, you can get a free license for a software program that you would otherwise have to pay for.

The risks and drawbacks of using a keygen

While using a keygen might seem tempting, it is not without risks and drawbacks. Some of these are:

  • Using a keygen is illegal and unethical. You are violating the software license agreement and the intellectual property rights of the software vendor. You could face legal consequences or penalties if you are caught.

  • Using a keygen is unsafe and unreliable. You are downloading and running an untrusted program from an unknown source. You could expose your computer to malware, viruses, spyware, or ransomware that could harm your system or steal your data.

  • Using a keygen is ineffective and problematic. You are not guaranteed that the keygen will work or generate a valid license key. You could encounter errors, bugs, crashes, or compatibility issues with the software program. You could also lose access to updates, patches, support, or features that are only available for licensed users.

How to download and install Devart Entity Developer keygen?

The steps to find and download a reliable keygen

If you still want to use a keygen for Devart Entity Developer, you will need to find and download one from the internet. However, this is not an easy task, as there are many fake, malicious, or outdated keygens out there. Here are some steps that you can follow to try to find and download a reliable keygen:

  • Use a reputable search engine, such as Google or Bing, to look for Devart Entity Developer keygen. You can also use keywords like "crack", "patch", "serial", or "license" to narrow down your search results.

  • Check the ratings, reviews, comments, and feedback of the websites or sources that offer the keygen. Avoid sites that have low ratings, negative reviews, suspicious comments, or no feedback at all.

  • Verify the authenticity, quality, and security of the keygen. You can use tools like VirusTotal, Norton Safe Web, or Web of Trust to scan the URL or file for malware or viruses. You can also use tools like FileHippo, Softpedia, or CNET to check the version, date, size, and description of the file.

  • Download the keygen from a trusted source. Make sure that the download link is direct and not redirected to another site or file. Also, make sure that the file name matches the expected name of the keygen.

The precautions to take before installing and running a keygen

Even if you have downloaded a reliable keygen, you still need to take some precautions before installing and running it on your computer. Some of these precautions are:

  • Create a backup of your important data and files. You never know if the keygen will damage your system or delete your data.

  • Disable your antivirus or firewall software temporarily. These programs might block or delete the keygen as they consider it as a threat.

  • Run the keygen in a sandbox or virtual machine. This will isolate the keygen from your main system and prevent it from affecting your other programs or files.

  • Follow the instructions carefully. Some keygens might require you to copy some files, modify some settings, or perform some actions before generating a license key.

How to use Devart Entity Developer keygen to generate a free license?

The instructions to launch and operate the keygen

Once you have downloaded and installed the keygen, you can use it to generate a free license for Devart Entity Developer. Here are the instructions to do so:

  • Run the keygen as administrator. You might see a warning message or a confirmation prompt. Click on "Yes" or "Allow" to proceed.

  • Select the product name and version from the drop-down menu. In this case, choose "Devart Entity Developer" and the latest version available.

  • Click on the "Generate" button. The keygen will create a random license key and display it in the text box.

  • Copy the license key and save it somewhere safe. You will need it later to activate Devart Entity Developer.

The tips to verify and activate the license

After you have generated a license key, you need to verify and activate it in Devart Entity Developer. Here are some tips to do that:

  • Open Devart Entity Developer and go to the "Help" menu. Click on "About" and then on "License Information".

  • Paste the license key that you copied from the keygen into the "License Key" field. Click on "OK".

  • Check if the license status is "Activated". If not, try generating another license key or contact the keygen provider for assistance.

  • Enjoy using Devart Entity Developer with all its features and options unlocked.


A summary of the main points and a call to action

In this article, we have explained what Devart Entity Developer is, what a keygen is, how to download and install one, and how to use it to generate a free license for Devart Entity Developer. We have also discussed the benefits, risks, and drawbacks of using a keygen, and provided some steps, precautions, instructions, and tips for finding, downloading, installing, running, and activating a keygen. We hope that this article has been helpful and informative for you.

However, we would like to remind you that using a keygen is illegal, unethical, unsafe, unreliable, ineffective, and problematic. You are better off buying a legitimate license from Devart or using another ORM designer that is free or open source. This way, you can support the software developers, protect your computer and data, ensure the quality and functionality of the software program, and access updates, patches, support, and features that are only available for licensed users.

If you are interested in buying a license for Devart Entity Developer or learning more about its features and options, you can visit their official website at [Devart Entity Developer]. You can also download a free trial version of Devart Entity Developer from there and test it for 30 days before making a purchase decision.


Q1: Is Devart Entity Developer free?

A1: No, Devart Entity Developer is not free. It is a commercial software program that requires a license to use. The price of a license depends on the edition (Professional or Standard) and the number of users. You can check the pricing details at [Devart Entity Developer Pricing].

Q2: Is using a keygen legal and safe?

A2: No, using a keygen is not legal or safe. It is a violation of the software license agreement and the intellectual property rights of the software vendor. It could also expose your computer to malware, viruses, spyware, or ransomware that could harm your system or steal your data.

Q3: What are the alternatives to using a keygen?

A3: Some of the alternatives to using a keygen are:

  • Buying a legitimate license from Devart or another software vendor.

  • Using another ORM designer that is free or open source, such as EF Designer or LLBLGen Pro.

  • Using an online ORM designer service that does not require installation or registration, such as [ORM Designer] or [ORM Generator].

Q4: How can I get support for Devart Entity Developer?

A4: If you have any questions or issues with Devart Entity Developer, you can get support from Devart by:

  • Contacting their customer service via email at [].

  • Visiting their online support center at [Devart Support Center].

  • Posting your question or issue on their forum at [Devart Forum].

  • Reading their documentation or tutorials at [Devart Documentation] or [Devart Tutorials].

Q5: Where can I learn more about Devart Entity Developer?

A5: If you want to learn more about Devart Entity Developer, its features, options, and capabilities, you can:

  • Watch their videos or webinars at [Devart YouTube Channel] or [Devart Webinars].

  • Read their blog posts or articles at [Devart Blog] or [Devart Articles].

  • Follow their social media accounts at [Devart Facebook], [Devart Twitter], or [Devart LinkedIn].

  • Subscribe to their newsletter at [Devart Newsletter].



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