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Dinosaur Tycoon: A New Sensation Among Gamers

The gaming world is abuzz with excitement over a new sensation – Dinosaur Tycoon. This game is captivating the attention of gamers everywhere with its unique features and standout elements. For those eager to explore a new and innovative reward-based shooting game filled with thrilling rewards, Dinosaur Tycoon is a must-try. Join bk8 sports website in delving into and experiencing the exciting offerings of this game!

What is Dinosaur Tycoon?

Dinosaur Tycoon is revolutionizing the reward-based shooting game genre, presenting an engaging and unique entertainment environment within the betting market. Diverging from the traditional underwater settings, this game immerses players in a vibrant and creative dinosaur hunting adventure filled with appealing rewards.

This game unveils a mysterious ancient world where every experience leaves a lasting impression. With its realistic and lively graphics, Dinosaur Tycoon brings a refreshing feel to players.

For enthusiasts of reward-based shooting games who are seeking a breakthrough in presentation and content, Dinosaur Tycoon is sure to introduce a fresh perspective, completely transforming your view of this game genre.

Detailed Dinosaur Tycoon Gameplay Rules

Exploring the mystical world of Dinosaur Tycoon BK8 is a thrilling experience for anyone who loves intense battles. However, to truly become a top-tier dragon hunter, it's crucial to master the game's basic rules and strategies.

Game Rules of Dinosaur Tycoon

In Dinosaur Tycoon, the main goal for players is to defeat as many dinosaurs as possible, a common principle in shooting games. The uniqueness of this game lies in the use of creative weapons and special features provided by the system, enhancing your chances of earning high bk8 deposit tutorial points.

As you accumulate points and improve your skills, your account will gradually upgrade, unlocking high-level player privileges in Dinosaur Tycoon. The key to victory lies not only in hunting abilities but also in employing strategies and maximizing the advantages offered by the game.

Betting Halls

The developers have created three unique betting halls to cater to the diverse needs of players:

Joy Hall

This hall is ideal for newcomers stepping into the online betting world. With a creative design and modest betting range from 0.1 to 10, new players or those with a limited budget can try their luck without worrying about spending too much.

Regal Hall

This is the standard hall, with betting ranges from 10 to 100. Here, players can enjoy all the standout features of the system, from diverse shooting modes to group play, creating a varied and rich entertainment space.

VIP Hall

This space is for seasoned players looking to enjoy high reward rates. Although the betting range is similar to Regal Hall, from 10 to 100, VIP Hall offers an exclusive feel with unique perks.

Players can choose the appropriate hall based on their financial status and experience to ensure the most enjoyable and suitable gaming experience.

Game Modes

Dinosaur Tycoon BK8 takes players on a dinosaur hunting adventure with many exciting and flexible game modes, suitable for a variety of playing styles and skills. Here’s a closer look at the game modes:

Basic Shooting Mode

This is the standard mode, suitable for players with skills and experience. In this mode, players need to manually adjust and control the shooting direction, bullet quantity, and interactions on the interface.

Target Lock Shooting Mode

This mode is ideal for facing high-resistance dinosaurs (like bosses). When activated, the system will automatically aim and shoot at the target until it is defeated.

Automatic Shooting Mode

This is the perfect choice for busy players. When activated, the game will automatically seek and attack dinosaurs based on the target group selected by the player.

Sledgehammer Mode

This mode allows players to temporarily increase their bet to quickly take down large bosses. Using the “Sledgehammer” will increase the bet amount but provide powerful attack strength in return.

Thunder Strike Mode

Players can select a target and activate the “Continuous Lightning” to attack multiple dinosaurs simultaneously, although the betting cost will increase.

Automatic Dinosaur Hunting Mode

This feature allows automatic targeting and attacking of dinosaurs when they appear on the screen and can also automatically use “Meteor Destruction.”

Meteor Destruction

A free tool that accumulates energy through battles. When the energy bar is full, players can manually activate it or let the system automatically activate after three minutes of inactivity. When activated, it creates a powerful attack wave, bombarding the entire play area. After each activation, the energy resets to 0 and begins accumulating again.

Reward Rates in Dinosaur Tycoon

In Dinosaur Tycoon, the reward table is designed with variety, offering numerous attractive reward opportunities for players. The dinosaurs in the game are divided into groups with different reward levels:

Regular Dinosaur Group

U u Long: Rewards x2 bet amount.

Tản tản long: Rewards x3 bet amount.

Vỏ trứng long: Rewards x4 bet amount.

Thuấn Mãnh Long: Rewards x5 bet amount.

Quán Long: Rewards x6 bet amount.

Tam giác long xanh: Rewards x8 bet amount.

Tam giác long đỏ: Rewards x9 bet amount.

Kiếm xích hổ: Rewards x10 bet amount.

Kim Kiếm xích hổ: Rewards x50 bet amount.

Rồng Vàng: Rewards x55 bet amount.

Functional Dinosaur Group

Bom Cóc: Rewards from x60 to x80 bet amount.

Trộm Rồng: Rewards from x40 to x120 bet amount.

Dực Long: Rewards from x80 to x100 bet amount.

Medium-Sized Special Dinosaurs Group

Xích Giáp Long: Rewards from x20 to x25 bet amount.

Kiếm Long: Rewards from x30 to x35 bet amount.

Kích Long: Rewards from x40 to x45 bet amount.

In higher-level rooms like Regal Room and Regal VIP Room, the reward rates increase:

Xích Giáp Long: Rewards from x140 to x175 bet amount.

Kiếm Long: Rewards from x210 to x245 bet amount.

Kích Long: Rewards from x280 to x315 bet amount.

Top Bosses in Dinosaur Tycoon BK8

In Dinosaur Tycoon, players have the chance to face powerful Bosses, offering opportunities for large rewards. Here’s a list of top bosses and their rewards:

Special Bosses

Mammoth (Special Giant Beast Group): Rewards range from x150 to x530 bet amount, offering great reward opportunities.

Thunder (Immortal Dragon King Group): Provides rewards from x60 to x150 bet amount, creating opportunities for quick rewards.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Immortal Dragon King Group): Rewards from x80 to x200 bet amount, presenting challenges and attractive rewards.

Flying Dragon King (Immortal Dragon King Group): Rewards from x135 to x500 bet amount, challenging players with high rewards.

Golden Tyrannosaurus Rex: Reward varies based on the room:

In Joy Room: Rewards from x100 to x1000 bet amount.

In Regal Room and Regal VIP Room: Rewards from x150 to x1500 bet amount, offering big win opportunities in premium rooms.

These bosses not only represent the highest challenges in Dinosaur Tycoon but also provide great reward opportunities, attracting players to seek and face them.

How to Join and Play Dinosaur Tycoon at BK8

Joining Dinosaur Tycoon, a thrilling and exciting reward-based shooting game, is easy if you follow these steps:

Step 1: Start your journey by locating and visiting BK8 through a reputable and trustworthy link.

Step 2: On the homepage, find and click on ‘Login’ to open the gateway to the game. Remember to prepare by bk8 welcome bonus a certain amount of money.

Step 3: Return to the homepage, find the Shooting Games section, and dive deeper into the area developed by Jili. Select ‘Dinosaur Tycoon’ to continue.

Step 4: Once in the game, choose a suitable room and place a bet for your hunting weapon. When all preparations are complete, your journey to hunt ancient creatures will officially begin.

Tips for Playing Dinosaur Tycoon to Increase Winning Chances

Want to conquer the world of Dinosaur Tycoon spectacularly? Apply these tips to become a top dinosaur hunter:

Utilize Special Weapons

Investing wisely in premium weapons not only increases the chance of catching big prey but also opens doors to valuable rewards. Be a flexible hunter, using these weapons as a strategic advantage.

Art of Selecting Shooting Angles

In this hunting world, adjusting the shooting angle is the key to success. An ideal shooting angle not only increases the win rate but also minimizes missed shots, optimizing every bullet.

Prioritize VIP Rooms

When choosing between Regal and VIP Rooms with equivalent bets, elevate your experience to VIP Rooms. Here, the private and free hunting space without disturbance or target competition will be a highlight for your winning strategy.

Seize Opportunities from Events

Jili is famous for its unmissable promotional events. Don’t hesitate to jump into these offers to collect valuable rewards in terms of both experience and prizes.


Through this article, we hope to boost the confidence of skilled shooters as they step into the world of Dinosaur Tycoon, a masterpiece by BK8. This game not only offers an exciting experience but also promises many surprises and thrills for bettors. Don’t hesitate to embark on this adventure today!


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