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To date, the specific interactions of various HDACs and their effects on histone acetylation at different RAR target gene promoters have not been examined. Additionally, whether RARs and their interacting co-activators and co-repressors can regulate H3K27ac levels at RA-regulated enhancer regions is unknown.

RAREs are comprised of two direct repeats (DR) of the AGGTCA sequence with 5 base pairs (DR5) or two base pairs (DR2) between the repeats. Both the Hoxa1 and RARβ2 genes possess identical DR5 RAREs (30, 33). The fact that HDAC3 is recruited to the Hoxa1 RARE but not to the RARβ2 RARE is extremely interesting, because it suggests that despite similar binding patterns of the RARs and co-activators to these RAREs, other interacting transcriptional regulatory proteins at these two RAREs are different. A previous study found that RARs interact with 462 target loci in ESCs, whereas only 47 interact with the classical DR5 repeat, and only a subset of these are responsive to RA (40). Comparing these genes with those reported in a study that examined binding of HDAC1 in ESCs (41), we determined that only 7 out of 47 RAR-bound genes also interact with HDAC1. This would further suggest that the circuitry of epigenetic gene regulation that allows for precise control of stem cell differentiation is quite complex. 041b061a72


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