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Norton 360 2013 Serial Final

I haven't seen anything on the compatibility of Norton 360 and MacBook pro, so I'm restarting the conversation again. I have a 2013 MacBook Pro Retina. I installed Norton 360 on 2Jan (part of my new years resolution). What really spurred me to do this was because I got that Google going to Yahoo problem. So instead of installing the free Mac MalwareByte software that most recommend, since we have four copies of 360 remaining (husband has windows), I decided I'd install it on my mac (with some trepidation. The first install seemed to work and Norton found 6 files of the malware and removed them. 360 was supposedly working fine, until I did the "clean" function. But then my MacBook got hungup and the fan continued to run for 10-15 minutes so I did did a reboot. Called Norton when after the reboot I couldn't connect to the internet. The helpful agent went right to network settings and removed the norton connection and I then could re-connect to internet immediately. She helped me with full reinstall and everything was working fine, even the VPN. After 2-3 days of working fine I got up one morning and the Norton icon was gone from my system tray at the bottom of my screen. So I called Norton again. The Norton help desk agent had me open the application from the application folder and the Icon reappeared. But the VPN wouldn't connect it was just spinning and pending. They helped me uninstall with the RemoveNortonMacfiles.command and wanted to reinstall Norton. I told them, I'd have to think about it. Now I am wondering if anyone is actually successfully using Norton 360 on their MacBook Pro? I don't want to screwup my MacBook. Perhaps I already have (since apparently there are always norton files hanging around even after you use the uninstall app from Norton, or so I've read). So I'm wondering if any folks out there who are way better than I at this stuff what I should do about leaving Norton off or trying to reinstall on my MacBook. We bought the Mac new in 2014 an have never had any virus/malware problems (that I'm aware of...) until this past December. So, the question I'm asking real mac experts is should I try it again or not?

Norton 360 2013 Serial Final

Ive had a bit of a google but im rammed at work at the moment and had little success, we sell livesafe as a primary product, however the internal network is broken (or breaks often should I say), and I am unable to iknstall peoples mcafee live safe for them, this is leading to my collgues selling norton 360\NIS as they have offline installers (and office 2013 over office 365 for the same reason). 350c69d7ab


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