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2 UNLIMITED - No Limit (Rap Version) (Official Music Video) ((TOP))

"No Limit" is a song recorded by Belgian/Dutch Eurodance group 2 Unlimited in 1993. It was their fifth single in total and the first to be released from their second album, No Limits! (1993). The song is one of their most commercially successful singles, especially in Europe, reaching the number-one spot in 35 countries[5] and the top 10 in several others. Like previous releases, the UK version of the single removed all of the raps from Ray Slijngaard, leaving just Anita Dels' vocals. One word from the rap was kept, the word 'Techno' (from the line "I'm making techno and I am proud") which was looped and repeated during the middle of the song, turning the line into "Techno! Techno! Techno! Techno!" and giving the song an extra vocal hook. Its accompanying music video received heavy rotation on MTV Europe.[6]

2 UNLIMITED - No Limit (Rap Version) (Official Music Video)

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Arcade Underground, Are You Ready?, Dedicated, That Feeling, Freshmen 15, The King of Iron Spit, Speech Impediment, 1225: Dave Hands MC Elf Costume, and 8 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $35.69 USD or more (30% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. Enter the Tekken (free) 00:07 lyrics download The King of Iron Fist Tournament...enter...the TEKKEN 2. Christie 04:09 lyrics buy track (Verse 1)Wow...and she takes me to a new space/when I look at her face/like waking up to a new day with cool rain/on the window pane, all my inner pains washed away/Don't walk away - leave that to Eddy/Your ex be lame, won't you machete him already?/Cut him off, because he walkin off everytime you need him/CTRL+ALT+DELETE him/cause he froze - ice cold/So now I'm sneakin through your window with a bento/from Marshall China, I know your tryin to/find a fighter who can vibe to the music/and do Capoiera - I mean 'era'/my error - let me start from scratch (*scratch noise*)/My name is Dave and I'm everything you want in a man/see we could be the best team in the next Tekken Tag, yeah!(Chorus) What's 2+5?/That's the tag combo by you plus I/The king and queen of Iron Fist Tournament/It's got a ring to it...don't you think?/Listen, what's 2+5? That's 7/it rhymes with heaven, which I'm standing in the presence/You're an Angel - but better than her/Together you and me could better this world, so/Christie, kiss me, Christie/Christie, kiss me, Christie/Christie, kiss me, Christie/Cause you're everything I want and I'm everything you want, girl/Christie, kiss me, Christie/Christie, kiss me, Christie/Christie, kiss me, Christie/Christie...(Verse 2)And everybody wanna do you like you're from a porno/but I just wanna be your Eddy Gordo/It's a war zone if he wanna battle me cause/my delivery...yup, it's Digiorno/You give me a peace of mind, we really need to/find the time to recline in Brazil, for real/Show me a whole new world - I'm like/a lad in love with the first girl he's ever seen/The other side of me is evergreen/Have you ever seen a love like this?/Not since "The Notebook"? Nonsense/I'm no crook but I am guilty of stealing many a heart/Many depart like Leo/but I'm not into horoscopes - I am not Cleo/I'm Neo, the one who loves you for real/Now will you take the red or the blue pill huh?(Chorus)(Outro)So, what about/ 3. Hotel Coffee 02:41 lyrics buy track (Intro) All my frequent flyers/put your hands up a little bit higher/yeah, where my frequent flyers?/Put em up...a little higher/I know you know what to say/"It's just for the weekend babe"/but this is Dave the Fave(Verse 1)So many people, so many stories/if I listened to em all, it'd never get boring/We're now boarding again and again/It's the life for some, but for some, the end/...but we make amends to meet ends/so in the meantime, I'll make friends/with strangers I'll never see again.../but it gets me through and sometimes that'll do(Chorus)So let's have another hotel coffee/after we get off the plane, let's all meet/and we can party in the hotel lobby/Switch it up in the hotel lobby/after we have another hotel coffee/after we get off the plane, let's all meet/and we can party in the hotel lobby/after we have another hotel coffee(Verse 2) The words that I dread to tell my girlfriend/I'm leaving again, it seems to never end/Infinity - the ways I break bread/I do it worldwide, that's just how I was bred/Never could find work staying in one place/and never imagined I would frequent planes/and it was never the same as I came of age/the airport became my home base/Okily dokily, yeah you know me bro, I need dough/I don't work at the bakery but I knead dough/No Homer; what a misnomer that I'm Dave the Fave/it should be 'Dave's Always Away'/but there's always a way/You just gotta have faith like B.I.G. did before he passed away/and you know you'll always be my baby baby.../so don't be so crazy(Bridge)(Chorus)Just have another hotel coffee/after we get off the plane, let's all meet/and we can party in the hotel lobby/Switch it up in the hotel lobby/After we have another hotel coffee/after we get off the plane, let's all meet/ 4. The Best Fights Are Personal 03:14 lyrics buy track (Intro)I've been waitin for this my whole life (Verse 1)Karma's a bitch but I don't think it's a female dog/to me it's more like a three-tailed God/or a man in a black gi with his hair in a ponytail/Eyes red like he hails straight from hell/and, mom said you reap what you sow/but I'm not a seamstress, even though I seem stressed/I ain't bout to go out without dignity/for my last symphony/cause I am not D Minor - I'm Dave, major/Fight to the end, you can place your wager/and I'll get you all the spoils/And even all the spoils in the world/couldn't cover up my whole life turmoil/Anybody who opposes shall fall/I will laugh last like I'm Shao Khan/Whatever you dug up from way back/I'll make sure you stay with it in the past(Chorus)Give me rage, give me sorrow/Time to return the time borrowed/Fight today, die tonight; the King of Iron Fist Tournament/Will you accept the invite?/and give me rage, give me sorrow/Time to return the time borrowed/Fight today, die tonight/My's time for you to go "night, night"/So come on! (FIGHT)(Verse 2)Ring the bell, ref/I'm so Stone Cold Steve Austin the audience yells 'hell yes!'/Whether it's three sixteen's or a down plus three/It's over: 1-2-3/It's all about who stands last, and nothing else/so don't take it personal/Wait, the best fights are personal, so.../Take it personal/Yeah, take it personal/(Outro)Gimme rage, gimme sorrow/Time to return the time borrowed/Fight today, die tonight/The King of Iron Fist Tournament/Will you accept the invite?/ 5. The End 02:41 lyrics buy track (Verse 1)Ever since day one/she had my back and still would even if they won/which makes us the true tag champs/Fat chance if you think you could ever break this pact/and that's fact/A connection so good/you could feel the impact by eye contact/We on that/Beyond that ordinary stuff/It doesn't mean we gotta Crush/Orange you glad to see, this kind of bond can be/Still achieved in 2017/Yeah we had our ups and downs/and all of the above/but we work through it/and that's what you call, um.../...I mean we just go way back/and I wish I could take back/things from the past I'm not too proud of/but the voices in my head just gets louder/(Chorus)But it's something inside, something I can't hide/it gives me red eyes/See, the devil inside/can't hide; it's about to come alive/No, you are not high/these wings really do fly/I apologize but tonight/somebody is gonna die/Angel on one shoulder, devil on the other/Should I do it or not?/Man, I don't really know/What would she think if I let it all go/Ask for forgiveness later - ikuzo!/(Verse 2)The mark of the beast must be deleted/it must be dilapidated/Broken, obsolete/Yeah it's 2xtreme for some, but son/somebody gotta stop the devil gene from/messing up the world/Even if death separates me from my girl/I do it for you and your kids/so for the Mishima bloodline, it's the end(Outro)It's the end 6. Black Winter Night Sky (ft. MCMD) 02:52 lyrics buy track (Verse 1 - DTF)And the weather just got cold/Time to break out the boots and the big coats/ Holiday, overtime, double, swing shift/Give it all to me cause I don't make shit for dough, though/I'm thankful to even have a job yo/Octo to Novem and Decem/ Try to make a decent living/ without descending to overspending/ I'm over spending/ time for the man/I'm the man, ain't you heard these jams?/ They jelly cause PB and DTF/ bringin that def back to most that slept/ Ain't nobody got time for that, I rest/ not a lot cause I got a big fam/ and they need the bestest presents and my Checkings lessens/ Now I see why people depressed in/ (Chorus)The black winter night sky/ai ai ai, what I do for mine/ Man I got no time, I gotta get mine/If I fall behind on bills, fine/but I gotta supply (ai ai ai)/gotta do it for mine (ai ai ai)/It's dark outside (ai ai ai)/what a cold life (ai ai ai)/ (x2)(Verse 2 - MCMD) I ain't ever been cool but I'm cold what?/So dope I'm coke, not soda/ Pop! But I done got this one/bundle up yup yup when the winter comes/Cold, no home we Snowden/no kings, no lies, we grown men/Eyes wide open we focused, frozen/but winter comes for those who chosen! Stop/Chilled to the bone that they never been caught/ Cot damn! Sun had to run from a real man/ Left me here in a cold land/An icy tundra sometimes I wonder/If it all snow balled would we be crushed under/the weight of our own mistakes, I can't face it/Start anew burn it down, erase shit/(Chorus)x2 7. Sins From the Past 03:10 lyrics buy track (Intro)Put your hands together/Blue Rhythmz on the track, nobody does it better/Put your hands together/cause here comes the pain; Brock Lesnar/Ha, put your hands together/Dave the Fave and Dedicated Servers/Put your hands together(Verse 1)The heavenly garden/it's heavily guarded/they only let Gods in/You put it all in/since when you walked in/It is your callin but/when you went knockin/they take your power, pull the plug like a socket/Make you part of the fallen so who do you call then?/I guess all you can really do is/pull your hands in, and just(Chorus)Put your hands together/Better pray that the spirits won't remember/cause the sins from the past have found you at last/You can't hide even in a mask (nope, nope)/Put your hands together/Better pray that the demons won't remember/cause the sins from the past have found you at last/I can't help, so don't even ask (nope, nope)/Put your hands together/Put your hands together/Put your hands together, cause the sins from the past have found you at last/Put your hands together/Put your hands together/Put your hands together, cause the sins from the past have found you/(Verse 2)Passed down from the ages/Nobody can make it right, that's why nobody can make it/out alive so just count to five/cause you'll be left out to die/After all your sins catch up to you/everything will look like catsup to you/You mustered up the courage to be here/Claim to no fear, but just beware/For it is the Unknown that you should fear/Know everything except Unknown here/Unknown is infinite, No Limit/Hit you with the Shinki and make you say.../na na na na, make you pray hard for mama, mama/Only one thing is known.../...every single last Mishima has gotta go(Chorus) 8. Continue 02:16 lyrics buy track (Part 1)Infinity/Something greater/Lies beyond the/sky above us/so when you feel/down and out/just remember/what got you here/All the work/that you put in/The people who/cheer you on/Immortality/you can achieve/Just live a life/worth remembering(Part 2)And just remember the people on your side/with their hands high, that's why you're alive/You can't let em down/you will never live it down so bounce/back off the wall/when your back's against it, connect a 10-hit/All that time you spent to train/don't let it be in vain - get back in the game(Part 3)It's like if you were fighting at EVO/your true potential - you just gotta find it like Nemo/Ego - just let it go, gotta let it go/then you'll break the walls down like Jericho/Now, here we go/Tame the lyin because you are the truth/The proof in the pudding, it's you/When you feel like you're about to lose.../Think of the beginning and what motivated you then/Again...again and again/ 9. King Level 02:57 lyrics buy track (Intro)Welcome to the King level/I'm King, and I'm King level/You think you're King level?/Well, lemme show you King level(Verse 1)I do it for the kids/I do it for the kids less fortunate/who grew up in an orphanage/It's my goal to put em through a metamorphosis/See, when you got nothin, you tend to put emphasis/on all the things that's negative/Neglect it, kid/cause I'm testament of nothing to something/and sure, as a kid, I would bump heads often with the other kids/so I opted to wrestle and get paid off when/I hit em with a flying lariat/and I move so fast like "where's he at?"/Son, I'm right behind you; cobra clutch/Tapped out before you could say "what the f@!*"/Take my check home and pay the rent again/just so these kids can have an orphanage (and that's whatchu call...)/(Chorus)King level/I'm the champ cause I'm King level/They want the belt but I'm King level/Viva Mexico! (King level)/I'll rough em up good for you cause I'm King level/You can't dethrone the King, it's my level/Anger of Beast; this is King level/...listen to the people out there(Verse 2)And I'm the true face that runs the place/even though you can't really see my face/Not even John Cena can see my face/and yeah, my Styles inspired the greats/that you know and love; from the living to the ones above/that's what happens when you skip the clubs/on the weekends - though I used to go/it just weakened my mind and everything/that was keepin me sane/It was about time to make it rain/and dance in the reign/Channeled the Anger of Beast/DELETE - I mean, defeat/all competition from the strong to the weak/Seven days a week, I get no sleep but/the Anger of Beast, keeps me at a King levelKing level (6x)(Outro)This goes out to/Fray Tormenta/and Satoru Sayama/Remember the name about Two years ago (2015), I bought a PS4 solely to play Tekken 7. The game's release date was the following Spring, but as to be expected in today's gaming landscape, the game was delayed.Fast forward to now (2017), the game is FINALLY released in June! I've been waiting for this for what seems like my whole life, so this album is to celebrate the release of one of the most anticipated fighting games of all time.As many of you probably know, I'm a huge fan of video game music, especially the tracks from the entire Tekken series. I enjoy listening to remixes of game music, so I was pleased to hear Blue Rhythmz' versions of Tekken (and other game) music. We connected through social media, and with his permission, I present to you a collection of Tekken-themed hip hop tracks, with a couple by longtime friend and collaborator, Pat Benolkin. Art was created by my friend and local FGC member and organizer, Cody Carlman.The release of this album is to celebrate the release of Tekken 7, June 2, 2017. Basically, I created this album because I'm so excited for this game. I hope you'll enjoy what I've created and seek out the works of all collaborators on this album as well. My PSN name is davethefave208. Add me and let's fight! Connect with me on Discord as well: And of course, find me on Twitter (@elusivepanda) and Instagram (davethefave). Hope to connect with you all soon 041b061a72


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